Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Walden, Colorado Photos

Walden, Colorado Photos

“X Shot” Information

Camera - Canon EOS Mark III
ISO - 400
Lens - Canon 500 mm
F/stop - 4.0
Shutter - 1600

I visited Walden, CO during the summer to photograph moose and anything else that caught my eye. Arriving midday, I first checked out the Arapaho National
Wildlife Refuge. This time of the day was not the best for spotting moose, like most wildlife, evenings and mornings are more productive.  So I went into town and stopped at a cafe, asking about moose sightings. The cashier said somebody saw moose that morning at North Michigan Creek Reservoir, not far from Walden. Arriving at my destination around 5 pm, I started my moose search.  I came up empty but did get some nice shots of people fishing on the lake at sundown. I went back to my motel and spoke to the clerk, who informed me that she had seen a family of moose, back at the wildlife refuge that morning. After getting a detailed location of the sighting, I went to bed thinking that I had a good chance of reaching my goal in the morning. Arriving at that location before sunrise, I prepared my self for the shoot. Even though it was warm, I dressed in long pants, long sleeve shirt and a hat. Then I covered myself with bug spray because the area was near a lot of water and the mosquitos would be awful. I found the bridge she told me about the night before and  within minutes the family of moose were spotted. All I had brought was my 500 mm lens on my MarK III. Moose stay a good distance away and I figured using this lens would keep me safe. I shot the adult moose for awhile and then I noticed a youngster sitting in the shade of a tree. I knew this was my “X Shot” and fired away. After I finished and headed toward my Jeep,I noticed the bull moose was now between me and the bridge, my way out. I edged toward the moose hoping he would take off, but he raised his head and made a loud noise. My plans changed quickly and I retreated to wait for the family to move away from my exit.  After checking several times they were finally gone. Back in my truck, I viewed the images and liked what I saw. My trip was a success and I headed to my home in Evergreen.

“X Shot” Location Information

1. Drive Time from Denver to Walden, about 3 hrs.
2. I took I-70 west to the exit for Empire, hwy 40, north to
    Granby. Hwy 125 north out of Granby toward
    Walden. The Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge is
    south of Walden.
3. Mornings and evenings are the best time to spot

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer


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