Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Full moon rising, Denver, Colorado.

Full moon rising, Denver, Colorado.

"X Shot" information.
Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark II
ISO - 800
Shutter - 1/25 sec.
F/stop - 20
Lens - 300 mm
NOTE - tripod and cable release were used for this shot.

To get a great shot of the up coming full moon rising over the city of Denver.

A number of things have to occur in order for this shot to happen.
1. I knew a full moon would be happening on 10/29/2012, but where and when.
2. Looking up moon phases on the internet, I was able to learn that the full moon would be coming up 
    at 6pm, at sunset. Also it would come up at 68 degrees, east by north east in the Denver area.
3. With this knowledge, I headed to the lower foothills area, west of Denver, Green Mountain Area.
    I had to find a good shot of the city and using a compass, find the perfect location.
4. After about an hours search, the location was found. Now I had to have a clear day, with out any 
    haze and it was, I could even see DIA (middle-left). While waiting for sunset, I shot pics of the city. 
5. I also needed the clouds to go away in the east, so the moon rise wouldn't be blocked. I set up my 
    tripod with a 300 - f 2.8.  I needed a f/stop of 20, so the city and the moon would both be in focus.
6. It was time, but the clouds where still there blocking the moon. I always stay at an evening shoot 
    until it is past dark and this time it proved to be beneficial. The moon popped out of the clouds for 
    about two minutes, giving me a small widow of opportunity.  The photo shoot was a great success.
7. One thing, when I was photographing the city, I made sure that I turned around to see watt was 
    going on behind me. The last photo in this blog, is what I would have missed, if I had tunnel vision. 



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