Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Homegrown Flowers, Evergreen, Colorado.

Homegrown Flowers, Evergreen, Colorado.

"X Shot" information.
Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark II
ISO - 400
Shutter - 1/4000 sec.
F/stop - 4.5
Lens - 100 macro

I wanted to post my last weeks shoot of wildflowers, on Shrine Pass, but I did get it finished. I ran out of light and never made it to the top. Hearing that the flowers up there were great, my post wouldn't be complete without getting photos from that location. My daughter, Kelley, and I are heading back tomorrow morning. Shrine Pass will now be next Monday's post. Now a quick new shoot was needed.

Every year, my wife Pam, and I grow flowers at our Evergreen home. Staying with the flower theme, this would be my blog. Even though our home is at 8,400 feet in the foothills, it doesn't lend itself to scenic shots of these flowers. A macro lens was the only way to go.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Nature Photographer


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