Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Runnin of the Green - Denver, Colorado

Runnin of the Green - Denver, Colorado

                                                "X-Shot" Information
                                   Camera - Canon EOS - 1DS Mark III
                                   ISO - 640
                                  Shutter - 1/20 sec.
                                  F/stop - 22
                                  Lens - 70 - 200 zoom.

Running out of time for shooting this week's "X-Shot", I decided to go to the Volunteers of America 22nd Annual Runnin' of the Green in Denver. There was a chance of snow or rain, either one would have made the shoot more interesting, but it turned out to be only cloudy and cold. Walking around before the race started provided many photo opportunities. Once the race was underway, a city worker had to stand in the middle of 17th Street to prevent runners from going over a manhole cover releasing steam. What a job he had standing there facing thousands of runners coming at him!  I decided to work this situation. First thing was to set my camera with a slow shutter speed to make the runners blurry. The auto focus was turned off and I manually focused on the worker standing in the street. As runners passed by they became blurred, leaving the non-moving man standing sharp in the image. Many runners, dogs and spectators dressed in green for the St. Patrick's Day holiday race, making it easier to find nice images. With this being an annual event, you will have to wait until next year if you want to try your luck shooting it.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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