Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: "Balloons -N- Varoooms Festival" - Ridgway, Colorado.

"Balloons -N- Varoooms Festival" - Ridgway, Colorado.

                                                "X-Shot " information.
                                  Camera - Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
                                  ISO - 400
                                  Shutter - 125
                                  F/stop - 18
                                  Lens - 16 - 35 zoom

Ridgway was having its "7th Annual Balloons -N- Varoooms Festival", a gathering of 24 hot air balloons and 100 classic automobiles over a three day weekend. The balloons flew early each morning and I was there for two of the three. My "X-Shot" occurred on Sunday under a brilliant blue sky. Hearing the sound of a burner in one of the balloons behind me, I turned around to check it out. Not more than 15 feet above me was a beautiful balloon. I had already taken my light reading from the sky, setting the f/stop for maximum depth of field. One of my cameras had my 16 - 35 zoom on and was ready to go. So all I had to do was focus on the larger balloon and wait for the perfect composition as the hot air balloons passed by.  

"X-Sot" location information
1. Ridgway ( yes that's the way it is spelled).
2. Ridgway is located at the junction of Hwy. 550 and Hwy. 62.
3. This area is centrally located with good access to Telluride, Dallas Divide,
     Montrose and Ouray. 

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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