Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: City Park - Denver, Colorado

City Park - Denver, Colorado

                                                 "X-Shot" Information.
                                    Camera - Cannon EOS-1Ds Mark III
                                    ISO - 200
                                    Shutter - 1/800
                                    F/stop - 8
                                    Lens - 500 mm

I spent the afternoon taking photos of Comarants building nests in the trees at Duck Lake in City Park. The winds out of the west were very strong, making it difficult for the birds to land in the trees while building their nests. Due to the severe wind conditions, the Comarants would come in low from the east carrying their nesting material. Setting myself in a good position with my 500mm lens on a mono pod, I started shooting the birds on their approach. After awhile a few clouds came in and cast a shadow over the trees causing the nests to really stand out. This looked really cool and the best candidate for my "X-Shot," I thought! When it became completely overcast and stormy, I lost my light and left.  Looking through my take in the editing tool called Photo Mechanic, I came across a shot of a bird with a knife on a string in its beak.  Finding an unexpected image like this is one of the reasons I enjoy downloading my flash cards after a shoot as soon as possible. There was nothing special I did to get this shot except the fact that I was there shooting. Having a blog gets me out to capture many photo opportunities as they come my way. 

"X-Shot" information
1. City Park is between Colorado Blvd., York St., E. 17th Ave. and 
    E. 23rd Ave.
2. Once the leaves come out and cover the tree tops, these nests will be
3. Duck Lake is being drained to clean it up and I think that's where the 
    Comarant found the knife. That's going to be one sharp looking nest.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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