Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: My picks for the Best Photos of 2012.

My picks for the Best Photos of 2012.

Evergreen Lake, Evergreen, Colorado.

Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado.

Arches National Park, Utah.

Guanella Pass, Georgetown, Colorado.

Snow making at Keystone, Colorado.

Moose, Walden, Colorado.

Moon rise, Denver, Colorado.

Lair of the Bear Open Space, Jefferson County.

Bald Eagle, Chatfield State Park, Littleton, Colorado.

Lair of the Bear Open Space, Jefferson County.

Sunset, Walden, Colorado.

Arches Nation Park, Utah.

Thunder storm, top of Mount Evans.

Butterfly,  Evergreen, Colorado.

Elk crossing, Evergreen, Colorado.

Candlestick Tower, Canyonland National Park, Utah.

Rudi Reservoir, Basalt, Colorado.

Top of Mount Evans, Colorado.

Wild flowers, Aspen, Colorado.

Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Snow line, Evergreen, Colorado.

Guanella Pass, Georgetown, Colorado.

Picknick table, Evergreen, Colorado.

Crane, Monte Vista, Colorado.

Mount Evans, Colorado.

Leonid Meteor Shower, Guanella Pass, Georgetown, Colorado.

Aspen tree, Evergreen, Colorado.

Sunset, Chatfield State Park, Littleton, Colorado.

At the end of every year, I pick my top 25 photos, from my blog shoots. This year I had trouble getting it down to 25. After spending some time trying to figure out which images to get rid of, I thought, hey, it's my blog, do what you want. So this is my top 28 from the year, 2012.

The page views for my blog "X Marks the Shot" toped 30,000, this year. I really don't know how good that is but I want to thank those who took the time to look at my photos.  If you have any questions, or a Colorado location suggestion, please feel free to contact me, email or phone.


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