Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Weekend Flash Back - Homestead Creek, Colorado. 5/26/02

Weekend Flash Back - Homestead Creek, Colorado. 5/26/02


                                                 "X-Shot " Information
                                                 Camera - Nikon D1H
                                                 ISO - 400
                                                 Shutter - 1/60
                                                 F/stop - 80
                                                 Lens - 17 mm

While working on a large water project, I found myself at Homestead Creek early in the morning. To my delight, morning fog was in the area but it was also cloudy, so no sunshine. Finding this location along a dirt road, I put on a very wide angle lens to shoot. The creek was right below me and the fog was further back, so the wider the better. I cropped most of the boring white sky out and took an overall light reading. This photo ended up being the lead photo of a five day water special put out by the Rocky Mountain News.

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Ken Papaleo
 Colorado Photographer


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