Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Weekend Flash Back - Telluride, Colorado 05/31/2001

Weekend Flash Back - Telluride, Colorado 05/31/2001

                                               "X-Shot" Information.
                                               Camera - Nikon D1H
                                               ISO - 400
                                               Shutter - 1/250 sec.
                                               F/stop - 11
                                               Lens - 14

I was covering a group of unicyclists who rode on mountain trails in Telluride. We drove to the top of a trail and parked. The path had a lot of switch-backs in it that the cyclists followed. Learning earlier that one of the riders regularly ventured out onto a rock, turned around and came back onto the trail, I waited at that location for him to show up. The rock was already in the shadows with a sunlit background so I decided to make him a silhouette. Pre-setting my exposure for the bright background gave me what I wanted.  A wide angle lens was needed to get the rider and the beautiful background in the frame. Taking a low position that would get him up in the sky bit, I waited for my subject and took this picture.

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Ken Papaleo
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