Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Genoa Tower & Museum Photos - Genoa, Colorado

Genoa Tower & Museum Photos - Genoa, Colorado

                                                   “X Shot” Information
                                         Camera - Canon- EOS Mark III
                                         ISO - 400
                                         Lens - Canon- 70 -200 zoom
                                         F/stop - 18
                                         Shutter - 1/125 sec

  The six story, plus an observation deck, Genoa Tower and Museum (Wonder Tower) was built in 1926 and still can seen today as you drive past Genoa on I-70. In the tower’s handout it says “ Always gaudy and gimmicky on purpose”, describes it best. There are over 50,000 antique bottles, old tools, art work and even a two headed calf. I met tower owner Jerry Chubbuck in the late afternoon last week on a beautiful day. Taking one camera and removing some things from my camera bag, to make it lighter, I set out looking for my “X Shot”. The isle and stairs turned out to be tight, so you have to be careful walking around with your camera bag on your shoulder and if you are afraid of steep stars, don’t go up to the roof. The journey through the buildings was fun and made some nice shots. Outside the sun was getting lower in the sky that was filling with beautiful colored clouds, to the west. To get these clouds and the tower in one photo, the tower was going to have to be back lit. This meant driving to the east of the tower just alittle bit, there I made sure my f/stop setting would be large enough to put the the tower and the clouds in focus. I loved the way the light shown through the windows of this “X Shot”.

                   “X Shot” Location Information
1. Drive time from Denver is about 90 Minutes.
2. Get off I-70 at the Genoa Exit/ 371, east of Limon.
3. Follow signs to Genoa Tower parking lot.
4. Open March - September 9:00am to 5:00pm
5. October thru April call for apt. 719-763-2309  

                                                    Ken Papaleo
                                            Colorado Photographer

                   All photographs for sale, contact e-mail address below.


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