Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Weekend Flashback - DIA - Denver, Colorado 2/14/05

Weekend Flashback - DIA - Denver, Colorado 2/14/05

                                                    “X Shot” Information
                                                  Camera - Nikon D2H
                                                  ISO - 800
                                                  Shutter - 1/500 sec
                                                  F/Stop - 16
                                                  Lens - 500 mm

While working on a project for the ten year anniversary of DIA,  a great lead shot was needed. I wanted to get a plane and the main terminal somehow together in this shot, showing off the unique tent-like structured roof. What I didn’t want was to turn this into an add for one of the airlines, with their name plastered on the side of the plane. The answer was finding someplace east of the airport that when looking back to the west, around sunset, everything would be back lit. Then I had to find a spot where a silhouetted landing aircraft would line up with the terminal. After that I had to wait for it all to come together and it did.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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