Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Weekend Flash Back - Denver, Colorado 01/05/06

Weekend Flash Back - Denver, Colorado 01/05/06

                                               “X Shot" information
                                               Camera - Nikon D2H
                                               Lens - 200 mm
                                               ISO - 1000
                                               Shutter - 1/100 sec.
                                               F/Stop - 2.8

Sitting in the photo lab on a cold January night, I was watching the National College Championship football game when the fire alarm came in. At the scene of a five story building under construction, the smoke was heavy but not much flame was showing. There were flood lights shinning on the firemen while they worked and I took some shots at this location. Deciding to go around the block for another look at the fire, I left my reporter behind. The backlit version of the fire was great, with the light filtering through all the smoke. But this location put the bright light right in my face, causing lens flair. To correct this problem, I moved around until the light was right behind the fireman, creating a great silhouette. Using a shutter speed slow enough to blur the fast moving water was my last touch on this eye-catching photo.

                                                    Ken Papaleo
                                            Colorado Photograph
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