Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Genoa Tower & Museum Parking Lot - Genoa, Colorado

Genoa Tower & Museum Parking Lot - Genoa, Colorado

                                                      “X Shot” information
                                             Camera - Canon EOS Mark III
                                             ISO - 320
                                             Shutter - 1/125 sec.
                                             F/stop - 22
                                             Lens - 70 - 200 zoom

 This photo was taken in the parking lot of the Genoa Tower and Museum at sunset. The light was completely horizontal, leaving a warm glow on the trailer and the grain elevator. Wanting both objects to be sharp, I picked  f/stop 22 giving me the depth of field needed for this to happen. That light only lasted a short time and then the opportunity was gone, but I had my shot!

                “X Shot” Location Information
1. Drive time from Denver is about 90 Minutes.
2. Get off I-70 at the Genoa Exit/ 371, east of Limon.
3. Follow signs to Genoa Tower parking lot.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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