Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Coors Field - Rockies Home Opener - Denver, Colorado.

Coors Field - Rockies Home Opener - Denver, Colorado.

                                                "X-Shot" Information
                                   Camera - Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III
                                   ISO - 400
                                   Shutter - 1/4000
                                   F/stop - 4
                                   Lens - 200

The Colorado Rockies home opener was always fun to cover but I was usually inside the stadium, not this year. Curious to see what photo opportunities there were on the outside, I parked my car and headed to Coors Field.  The first stop was to check out the line of fans waiting to buy "Rock Pile" tickets.  There were 
some nice photos here. The main entrance and where most of the activity would be found was at Blake and 20th, my next stop.  Instead off walking  around looking for good images, I parked myself near the front and let the pictures come to me. Armed with a 70 -200 zoom and a wide angle, my eyes searched the fans as they came in from every direction. There were a lot of fun shots to be had but the one year old baby all in purple, being carried by her dad, turned out to be my favorite and my "X-Shot". To get the baby to stand out from the background, I set my zoom lens with a f/stop of 4. This shallow depth of field kept her sharp but the background dropped out. Most of the outside crowd were in the ball park by the time the jets flew over. Outside was fun but I really missed the game action!

   "X-Shot" Information
1. Coors Field is located at 20th and Blake Streets in Denver.
2. The Rockies last regular season home game is 9/29/2010 
     against the Los angles Dodgers.
3.  Rockies web address is

Ken Papaleo
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