Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Denver Skate Park - Denver, Colorado.

Denver Skate Park - Denver, Colorado.

                                                    "X-Shot" Information"
                                        Camera - Canon EOS-1DS Mark III
                                        ISO - 400
                                        Shutter - 1/2000
                                        F/stop - 5.6
                                        Lens - 70 - 200 zoom

 I went to the Denver Skate Park early in the morning to get good light and avoid any crowd. Arriving at my destination around 7:30 am, the good light was there but not one rider. A couple of hours later people started to show up. One guy was there clearing water out of one of the bowls. The park can handle beginners through advanced riders, with different terrain.  After shooting some good skateboarders, a kid shows up with his bike.  Watching him for just for a few minutes, I knew my "X-Shot" was going to be something of him. He dropped into the big bowl and went crazy with big air. To get a good shot the shutter speed had to be fast enough to stop his movement and I wanted to separate him from the background, so a smaller f/top was used. When he was done with the bowls he went around the park and still got big air, no matter where he went. When asking him how long he had been doing bike tricks, his answer caught me off guard, only a year. 

"X-Shot" Information.
1. The park is at the corner of 19th and Little Raven, near the South Platte
     River in Denver.
2. Take the 20th street exit off I-25 and head toward the city. Cross over the 
     river and turn right on Little Raven. Park will be on your right.
3. The Park is open from 5:am to 11:pm at night.
4. There is some supervision at the park but parents should be with younger
5. There was an attack on a man at the park one night last week.  

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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