Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Easter Sunrise Service - Red Rocks -Denver, Colorado.

Easter Sunrise Service - Red Rocks -Denver, Colorado.

                                                 "X-Shot" Information
                                    Camera - Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III
                                    ISO - 400
                                    Shutter - 1/125 sec.
                                    F/stop - 13
                                    Lens - 30 mm

Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks was nothing new to me. Working Sundays for most of my newspaper career, it came my way often. To avoid traffic problems I arrived at 4:30 am and then stayed in my warm jeep for awhile before joining others walking up to the Red Rocks Amphitheater in the dark.  My plan was to start at the top of the theater and follow the rising sunlight, as it made its way down into the audience. A large bank of clouds to the east blocked the sunrise for about 10 minutes and then it turned out to be pretty plain. Once the sun finally broke through, a nice warm light covered the waiting worshipers. The crowd was huge and it reminded me of one of my shots from 20 years ago, so I did it again. Positioning myself halfway down on the north side, the sun finally lit up everything in my scene. A wide angle lens and some good depth of field was all that was needed now to capture the image. I never have seen an artist painting the scene live during the service before, but there he was and that made a nice shot. Again wanting to avoid traffic, I stayed after the service for about hour. As it turned out many others did they same.  Some kids started to play on the rows of seats, creating some fun and unexpected photos. 

     "X-Shot" Information
1. Easter Sunrise Service is sponsored by the Colorado Council of Churches.
2. This was the The Sixty-Third Annual Easter Service
3. Get there early, before 5 am, I saw lines of traffic still trying to get into the 
    parking lots as the service started.
4. Dress warm and bring extra clothes and blankets for the predawn hours.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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