Ken Papaleo: X Marks the Shot: Weekend Flash Back - Denver, Colorado - 4/13/07

Weekend Flash Back - Denver, Colorado - 4/13/07

                                                  "X-Shot" Information
                                            Camera - Canon-1D MarkII
                                            ISO - 400
                                            Shutter - 1/250 sec.
                                            F/stop - 5.6
                                            Lens  - 70 - 200 zoom

It was a cool, rainy, spring day in Denver when I was assigned to shoot weather. Wanting tree blossoms to show that it was spring plus something to show that it was raining, I headed out. Looking for blossoms first, a group of trees caught my eye so I waited for somebody to walk by. Within 20 minutes a man under an umbrella came through my  picture area. I used my telephoto lens to compact the man and tree blossoms because he was not walking under the  trees. It turned out to be my best shot of the day. It showed exactly what I needed.

Ken Papaleo
Colorado Photographer

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